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Company Profile:
Trading Name: Arabian Automobiles
Establishment Date: 1-12 - 2005
Activity starting date: 1 - 12 2005
Date of opening of the exhibition: 25-4 - 2006
Capital: $ 750,000
Company activity: selling cars under the Toyota brand distribution contract with the commercial center
of the cars and engines AMTC.


The company consists of a number of departments which consists of staff and distinguished career on
a high level of scientific competence and the process, consisting of:
1 - financial management.
2 - Department of Marketing and Sales.
3 - Department of Management.


The company's headquarters:
It has been building the company's headquarters in a unique position in the capital Sanaa, according to a high standard are distinguished from other automobile companies in terms of external form and content of procedure to turn the desire of visiting the exhibition of knowledge and access to a desire to buy and search for the source of funding to do so as a result receives from the warm welcome skilled salesmen and unique style of presentation, and privileges not available to the other exhibit which is not only us but distinguished.

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